Fashioning the style of the mountain man or growing out the beard for Movember is the “great point” to do presently. We get it. The supposed “economic crisis beard” period is no more. But when The New york city Times declares the beard has gone mainstream, like every other design fad that’s come (as well as gone), it’s time to get a straight razor for the period of the lumberjack appearance may officially be done. Finished. Caput. So begin assuming about cutting it off.

Why Straight Razors?


  • There’s no far better and extra manly method to indulge in the complete satisfaction of a smooth face compared to by running a single-steel blade across that mug of yours.
  • Straight razors have the one-up in several areas over electric shavers as well as some of the sector’s ideal typical razors.
  • As far as gains: It’s deemed the much more sophisticated as well as skilled means to shed the scruff.
  • No constant expenses, when you’re equipped with the right devices.
  • More economical, for they last shut to a lifetime relying on upkeep.
  • They are environmentally-friendly, as blades are much less often changed or thrown out in comparison to cartridge-based razors We’re chatting the closest cut feasible.


Dovo Shavette

Best Striaght Razors

Best for: Globe-trotting shaver

What you should know: The interchangeable blade holders allow use for a variety of blades

The Verdict: A desired option by a lot of professionals, the Dovo Shavette is a versatile electric shaver with several convenience aspects that satisfy the constant leaflet who wants to maintain a clean-cut account. For one, it supports all kinds of blades. Size functions to its advantage with a smaller sized style appropriate for dopp kit storage. In addition, the lightweight feel offers excellent equilibrium to provide you outstanding ability to move when practicing unique shaving strategies. Stainless-steel housing uses well versus wet cuts, also. The added travel case can be found in helpful to hoist the additional clear and black blade holder packed with the plan, which in fact offers excellent for securing individuals from unwanted nicks.

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Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Razor

best straight razorBest for: Barbering kits

What you should know: No holders are required for use

The Verdict:This Amazon fave has the customer assesses to strengthen its cutting prowess. Parker’s stainless-steel slicer has the prestige of a costs razor, just at an even more economical rate and also backed by a big community of experienced barbers. The genuine stainless steel housing gives it a swank appearance most expensive razors fail to replicate. Then comes the spherical edge on the blade compartment that works amazingly to minimize sores when coupled with a grade-A shaving soap. A snap-lock device holds the blade in place so no pain or wiggling is present when skimming facial surface areas. Plus the truth that it approves single-edge or one fifty percent double-edge blades prefers its placement.

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Forestal 5/8″ Cocobolo Straight Razor

Best Razor

The Verdict: Forestal 5/8″ Cocobolo Straight Razor by DOVO for You! Wet shaving has gained popularity in recent years, and today’s straight razors are as beautiful as they are functional. Dovo razors are produced in Solingen, Germany – the “City of Blades.” Solingen has a tradition of producing some of the world’s finest swords, knives, scissors and razors. The “Solingen” mark has become a symbol of high quality, functionality and superb design and, today, 90% of all German knives are made in the town.

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Straight American, Straight Razor

Straight American Razor

The Verdict: A DOVO 506B 6/8 Col Conk Straight Razor Best Quality with Full Shaving Set. Made in Germany. Buy your DOVO Straight Razors at Straight Razor and Wet Shaving Supply on Amazon and you will always get the following with all new DOVO Straight Razor purchases: – Lifetime Hone TM, Strop & Polishing ($49.99 Value) by a VintageStraightRazor Inc Honemeister – GB Buckingham Leather Stamped Travel Pouch ($18.49 Value)

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 What To Look For

The market is equipped with a lot of various ones, but in all authenticity, the majority are generally the very same. Just a handful of respectable straight razor producers make the cut as well as prove worthy of the financial investment. Construction plays a vital duty, together with some other aspects. Simply a couple of pointers to consider when shopping for an elite version:

  • Blade quality:

    You want the most important element of the razor to be built from carbon or stainless steel. Carbon can be set to a bigger extent, is much more flexible, as well as adjusts to the face much easier. Stainless is immune to corrosion and water damages, with the sides lasting longer.

  • Handle build:

    Three choices are managed to you. Wood/Resin handles bear a tough wood coating, where as Celluloid/Bone/Horn versions are the most sturdy for better deal with, and also Polymer ones are available in a preventable plastic-type kind.

  • Stropability:

    Buy a blade made for long-lasting honing and also requiring the least amount of laps (strokes between the blade and strop).

  • Versatility:

    Any blade within the 5/8″-6/ 8″ variety is ideal for beginners seeking to decrease their chances of cuts. Experienced types can deal with a 9/16″ or 4/8″ razor for much better maneuverability and also closer shaves.


How to shave with a safety razor

  • Put your brush in hot water to soften the bristles. If you do not have a brush, I high recommend it due to the benefits it will provide. Start with a cheap badger hair or go all out with a Silver tip for a more superior brush.
  • Your brush only needs to be damp to help lather your shave soap. After getting a nice lather on your brush, use circular motions to apply to your face and neck.
  • When using a safety razor, you want to have the razor at about 30 degrees ( Take yourself back to high school when you said math wouldn’t help in the future:)  for your strokes.
  • Pull straight down. Don’t apply pressure – let the handle’s weight take care of that.
  • Pulling straight down while allowing the weight of the handle to take care of the shave pressure, do not apply or you will cut your self. Just a fair warning. 😛
  • Repeat until complete! That is all there was to it, see, no need to be scared of safety razors.



In the next corner we have a old school cool straight razor. These bad boys provide the closet shave you can find on the market next to having you skin removed! You can find some cheap entry level blades or high dollar ones. They are equivalent to men as it is for women to have shoes in their closet! A straight razor will last longer then you if maintained.

Decreasing your shaving hobby budget in the long run putting money in your pocket for other toys. Using a straight razor takes a little more time but when you still have 45 mins of sitting around for your lady, who cares! You will enjoy it. With a closer shave, you can expect to not have to shave everyday but every other day.



  • Lot sharper, especially after honing
  • Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait for dad to teach you how to shave. This is that on crack.
  • Can pass down your razor and teach them the skills required.


  • Can be a little intimating at first.
  • Takes more time to shave, however, you will enjoy it.
  • You have to put more money into up front. I had a friend let me use his first and teach me the skills needed.

How to shave with a straight razor.

Step 1. Prepare the face. 

Before you laugh in my face (digitally) hear me out. Start off by taking a hot shower to open your pores and soften you facial hair. If time doesn not allow a shower, then use hot water or soaked towel for the same purpose. Think old western movies when the sheriff goes to the barber. Doing this also helps getting a nick free shave by preventing razor drag. If you use the shower meathod, I recommend not to use any kind of face wash, as this will remove natural oil your body produces to help protect your face. These oils assist in the shaving process. You can wash away them nasty oils after shaving.

Pre-Shave Oil

Using pre-shave oil will aid in reducing the drag of your straight razor blade. If you have not used pre-shave oil in your daily shave, I highly recommend you try it.


Applying shave soap 

Use a shaving brush to apply your shave soap of choice. Using a shave brush will lift hair follicles and provide a more luxurious lather. Some people go in circles others just go up and down. The choice is yours to play with and see which you prefer. Either way, using a shave brush will enhance your experience.



You want to start off by pulling your skin tight in the area you are going to apply the razor in the direction of the growth. Find your angle to ensure a nice clean even shave. You may have to go over the area a few extra times to ensure you get all the hairs. Take your time until you acquire the skills and angles for your razor of choice. Do not apply to much pressure or you will cause irritation. After you shave off all desired areas, wash with warm water to rinse all the shaving soap away. Followed by a few splashes of cold water to close your pores and prevent acne and razor bumps.


Straight Razor Accessories

Parker Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop

Parker Red Latigo Leather Straight Razor StropSharpness defines a straight razor. And also no tool helps you attain this better than a genuine-leather strop. A worthy financial investment, the Parker Red Latigo extends out a to 27 inches, with 17 inches scheduled for stropping action. The front is constructed from pure leather, so it does a sensational work of removing disparities from the blade as well as honing it as well. Long lasting paddle handles offer sufficient of a limited grip when rubbing against the fine-tuned product. Its eye-catching aesthetics mix well with the decor of your restroom whether held on the wall or put in the brushing cupboard.

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Vikings Blade Luxury Badger Brush

Best Shavng Brush To develop a rich, velvety soap, absolutely nothing defeats a badger brush. The costs bristles of a facial sweeper absorb shaving lotion or soap incredibly well to produce a wonderful lubrication surface that lifts the whiskers as well as spreads gently across your grille. Vikings Blade provides is an affordable alternative that makes for a wonderful addition to any kind of straight razor established with a solid black acrylic take care of for terrific hold. This prevents any kind of slippage when venturing right into wet cuts. Consumers are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Proraso Refreshing Shaving Cream

Proraso Refreshing Shaving CreamListen. The cutting lotion market is an overpopulated one with lots of excellent choices that benefit every style of shave. Yet if you desire our expert point of view, Proraso offers an impressive cutting solution that works well with a straight blade. The mix of natural glycerin and also coconut oil delivers a slickness that maintains the skin taut, offering the steadiest of strokes. Soap accumulation is unbelievably charitable to where only a blob is essential to generate a wonderful and also thick froth that won’t damage the quality of your blades. You cannot fail here. After that once again, every male has his own taste. For even more professional tips, have a look at AskMen’s roundup of the most effective shaving creams.

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Baxter of California After Shave Balm

Baxter of California After Shave Balm

Also the smoothest of cuts could result in a small nick, or numerous– in addition to some inflammation relying on your skin sensitivity. The solution is as clear as an aftershave balm. Baxter’s stays an AskMen fave for the lotion-cool experience it leaves on the face. It’s deeply enriched in glycerin that creates sufficient hydration to replace your daily cream, while various other crucial components like allantoin reward inflammations after completing a straight shave. The refined yet zesty aroma of lime and mint is a suitable scent that completes the innovative brushing job.

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Very100 Retro High Grade Wooden Gift Box Case

Very100 Retro High Grade Wooden Gift Box CasePreservation is everything for any grooming device. So unless you’re coming in golden coins like Skinflint McDuck, protect your straight razor from environmental dangers and other basic iniquities such as dust, thrill, or water damage. Saving it in this specially crafted wood instance is a great begin, for it enhances not only your super-clean, super-sharp blade, however also whole grooming collection. Adding to its skill is the etching of the Roman Colosseum as well as words “Generosity” on the lid. Wealthy building and construction. Low expense. Win-win!

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